Yep. Two Kitchens. It rocks.

Kitchen #1: The Aloha Dancing Rooster

This kitchen was pretty drab looking, before. Lots of old, dried, stained, grubby wood paneling and cabinet doors. The colors were inspired by our trip to Kauai way back when, as well as a painting of a rooster. Lindy said it was a kitchen you could dance in. And just like that, the “Aloha Dancing Rooster Kitchen” was born. I renamed my own version of a Mai Tai to The Aloha Dancing Rooster in honor of the kitchen redo.


Kitchen #2: The Cannery

I love the old double stove, which was upstairs when we bought the house. It is a luxury beyond my wildest dreams to have THREE ovens. One drawback: I can’t use a 23 qt. canner on either stove. The small upper oven gets in the way in the Cannery, and such a big pressure canner on the upstairs ceramic-topped stove would be just too much weight. Ah well. First world problem, right?



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